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Cannabis, once shrouded in stigma and misinformation, is now at the forefront of a burgeoning industry.

Trey Reckling, the Founder and Director of Academy of Cannabis Science, is on a mission to educate and inspire a new generation of cannabis professionals. With over 20 years of experience in higher education and a background as a conflict resolution specialist, Reckling has been instrumental in revolutionizing cannabis education and teaching students at UNLV.

Trey Reckling’s journey in cannabis education began in 2014. He originally founded the Academy of Cannabis Science to focus on the state of Washington and surrounding regions. However, what started as a local initiative soon resonated globally. Today the academy’s programs extend far beyond the Pacific Northwest, attracting students from as far as Guam and Transylvania.

At the heart of educational offerings is the Budtender Certificate Program. This program equips individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the cannabis retail space. Beyond understanding the cannabis industry’s current state, students are immersed in the historical context and societal challenges that have shaped the industry. By offering a holistic perspective, the academy empowers future cannabis professionals to approach their roles with empathy and a deep understanding of the industry’s evolution.

UNLV’s Cannabis program extends beyond just the Budtender Certificate. The Nevada Medical Cannabis Certification Program, a 20-hour course, caters to healthcare providers, patients, and individuals interested in cannabis as a holistic alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals. Reckling and his team are dedicated to equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills to engage in informed conversations with healthcare providers, emphasizing the need for patients to take an active role in their wellness.

The diverse program also offers courses in cannabis pain management, alternative therapies to opioids, and even cannabis for pets. The latter underscores the potential of cannabis as an alternative medicine for pets while emphasizing that it should be used under professional guidance. This course aims to provide individuals with the tools to engage in informed conversations with veterinarians and other healthcare providers about cannabis-based treatments.

Trey Reckling’s vision is shaping the future of the cannabis industry, one educated and inspired student at a time. Instructor Spotlight Trey Reckling Cannabis classes

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