UNLV alumni receive 5 percent off professional development classes and personal enrichment classes. A new policy enacted for spring 2020 standardizes these discounts with very few exceptions.

Eligibility for an Alumni Discount

  • Only UNLV graduates are eligible for the Alumni Discount.
  • Eligibility will be verified by consulting the Alumni Directory.

Staff and Alumni Discount Policy

  • Terms and conditions are subject to change.
  • Discounts are not transferable.
  • Discounts will never exceed the full registration fee.
  • Discounts are not stackable. For example, a UNLV employee who is also a UNLV alumnus cannot apply both the Staff and Alumni Discounts to the same registration fee. In addition, if a student qualifies for a discount for attending an information session and also qualifies for an Alumni Discount, the student will be awarded the higher of the two discounts and will not be able to combine the discounts.
  • A limited number of classes are not eligible for Staff or Alumni discounts; lists of classes eligible for Staff Discounts and Alumni Discounts are posted on the Continuing Education website.
  • Discount codes can be applied to course bundles. For example, a student could apply the Alumni Discount to the Grant Academy Bundle which would result in even more savings over registering for the four courses within the bundle individually.

View Classes Eligible for an Alumni Discount

View the current list of classes eligible for an Alumni Discount.

Select classes do not offer a Staff or Alumni Discount. These classes are offered in partnership either with an external provider or with a UNLV academic department. Because of contract restrictions, we cannot extend a discount.

Request an Alumni Discount

Begin the Alumni Discount request process by filling out a UNLV Alumni Discount Eligibility Form.

Once you submit the form, you can expect a response via email in 3-5 business days. Once your eligibility is verified, you will receive an email outlining the process to register for classes with the discounted fee. The discount code will be active for a single semester and can be used for as many classes as you wish to take. You will need to submit a new Alumni Discount Eligibility Form each semester.

Alumni Discount eligibility is determined by locating your record in the Alumni Directory. If you believe we have declined your eligibility request in error, please contact us at continuing.education@unlv.edu or at 702-895-3394.

Customer service staff are happy to assist with your request by phone at 702-895-3394, or in person at Paradise Campus Building 100.